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As Seen On TV (2010)

"As Seen On TV", ECOMOG's second album of 2010 combines today's popular television themes with unique storytelling, creating a brand new listening experience.

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Every Change Occurs Musically Over Generations ECOMOG, brandishing the slogan "changing hip-hop", has time and time again proved that anyone with talent and a common goal can come together to make a difference. With lyrics centered around educational realism, they harness the essence of old school hip-hop, with the energy of new school music. "ECOMOG is much more than just a group, it's a movement." says Entity when asked about the group. Growing sick and tired of the "get rich quick" format of music that populates the airwaves, ECOMOG plans to make their name known on a worldwide scale to show that success and originality go hand in hand. In an effort to build upon their talents and gain even more outlets for their music, group members Epidemic and Entity started ECOMOG TV in June 2008 following the success of their sketch comedy parodies "The Hardest Rapper Alive" and "Homey The Rap Clown." "We just got the idea one day to make these sketches, it was all spur of the moment," recalls Epidemic. These spur of the moment ideas gained ECOMOG over 300,000 viral views for "The Hardest Rapper Alive" and over 1 million for "Homey the Rap Clown." The success of these videos also spawned a YouTube partnership through JumpOff TV where their most recent sketches can be seen. "We do it all; write, produce, comedy, you name it. We just get an idea and run with it and it seems like we're gaining more and more fans every day." replied Entity when asked about their comedy endeavor. In September 2008, ECOMOG released its first major effort, SEVENDAYS; a project crafting an entire full length album from scratch in only a week while filming the entire process. "SEVENDAYS subvertised the process of creating an album for a major label," explains group member Tonik when asked about the purpose of the project. "It showed people that making a solid album is possible without all the stated principles and theatrics of industry politics." This test of ECOMOG's compatibility was a rising success as it went on to gain over 2,500 viral downloads to date. In an attempt to capitalize on their momentum, ECOMOG released another full length recording in January 2009 entitled, "808s & ECOMOG.", an album produced and recorded entirely by ECOMOG in almost the same amount of time as SEVENDAYS. "We gave 808s & Heartbreak a completely, different feel. We used it for our own purpose in order to improve our own skill and once again showcase our diversity," recalled Entity about the album. This unique spin on Kanye West's experimental record gained ECOMOG another 4,000 viral downloads and an additional 80,000 listeners on YouTube and other social media outlets. Now with the 2010 release of their latest effort "CLASSICS REVISITED", ECOMOG is adamant about claiming their spot in music history. "I think it's great that we're putting out the music that we are, considering the current state of Hip-Hop and music as a whole right now," boasts Epidemic. "We know that we're almost there and I think 'CLASSICS REVISITED' will open us up to even more fans and genres of music." CLASSICS REVISITED, ECOMOG's first collaboration album with an outside source, blends the rhythmic sounds of Ratatat with the innovative ideas and lyrical dexterity of ECOMOG to give a whole new identity to the 2006 Ratatat release, "CLASSICS". "Creating these remix albums gives us a chance to expand on our own music and makes for a great marketing strategy," adds Epidemic. The album's first single, "1 Mile," featuring long-time friend and accomplished emcee T.Y.T captures the emotion and struggle that it took ECOMOG to get to this point in their career over a melodic guitar-laden backdrop courtesy of Ratatat. "I think [1 Mile] is one of the truest songs we've ever written. It's very personal, and a struggle we've gone through and are STILL going through. But knowing that we're almost there makes the battle that much more rewarding," asserted Entity. ECOMOG plans to go full force in 2010 with 4 additional releases scheduled for the first half of the year alone. Releasing concept albums "AS SEEN ON TV," and "FEATURE PRESENTATION" as prequels to their long awaited, and much anticipated mixtape, "Path of Glory", 2010 will be the year the world discovers hip-hop's best kept secret, ECOMOG.

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As Seen On TV(2010)

"As Seen On TV", ECOMOG's second album of 2010 combines today's popular television themes with unique storytelling, creating a brand new listening experience.

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